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The word "Aikido" is a Japanese term that can be translated as "The Way of Coordinated Energy".

Tomiki Aikido  is a modern method of  personal development based upon the principles and techniques of traditional Japanese Warriors. It was Founded by Professor Kenji Tomiki, the first 8th Dan Master of Aikido's Founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

Unlike most Aikido schools, Tomiki Aikido uses an empirical approach to training. Students improve through a continuous process of learning and stress-testing that teaches us to control violence while preserving our inner peace. This accelerates our ability to integrate mental and physical energy (AiKi) to peacefully control violence.

Something that isn't measured cannot be improved. We measure our knowledge of peaceful mind/body integration through Randori practice. This helps us understand the true challenges of applying Aikido against a freely-thinking, non-compliant opponent. We discover how to keep a clear mind, relaxed body and centered spirit while leveraging the opportunities presented by someone who is looking for a fight.

This gives us an honest awareness of our Aiki skills, while encouraging self-reflection and learning through failure. It is easy to be peaceful and harmonious when we are unchallenged. But this is not how the real world works. True AiKi comes alive when our partner is not cooperating to make us look good, but a peaceful resolution is established anyway, and ideally,  no one gets injured.

At elite levels, students may attend international competitions that enhance their growth through the challenge of sportsmanship. After all, the Latin root of the word "Compete" means "To strive together". If we enter competition with the honest spirit of striving, learning and growing together, we can never be defeated. Temporary failure becomes an opportunity for growth that cannot be revealed through victory alone, or worse, a false victory.

Tomiki Aikido provides a complete toolkit for peacefully overcoming life's challenges by unlocking our inner warrior for peace. Through personal growth we become more resilient people, evolving Mind and Body to create peace out of conflict and clarity out of chaos.

In Tomiki Aikido we aim to control violence without injuring our attacker. This is not easy against a thinking human being who fights back. It requires  exceptional levels of skill that can only be forged through deep and continuous training of Mind, Body and Spirit.

  • Mind / Body Integration: Aikido is a fun workout that trains our mind and body equally. Techniques depend on integrated, whole-body power, not brute force. This teaches us new ways to use our body as a single, coordinated unit to overcome physical, mental and emotional challenges.
  • Self-protection: Aikido is often called the "Way of Harmony". Our primary aim is the peaceful resolution of conflict whenever possible. Learn how to control violence without destroying your attacker. Increase situational awareness, personal security and peace of mind.
  • Exceptional Balance and Agility: A strong posture, timing and balance are key elements of great Aikido. Unlike Jujutsu that involves fighting on the ground, we train extensively in agile footwork, posture and body handling that develops almost unbreakable balance. This creates a natural resistance to falling, and constant readiness to respond to attack from any direction, and multiple attackers.
  • Improve Relaxation and Reduce Stress: Aikido training challenges us to breathe,  stay relaxed and emotionally centered, even when facing danger. This demands a high degree of mental, emotional and physical discipline to neutralize the "Fight or Flight" response. Our training includes "Aiki-Kiko" or the practice of "energy cultivation" for protection and healing, This is developed through moving meditations and breathwork. Aiki-kiko is very similar to Tai Chi Qigong. 
  • Self-confidence: Tomiki Aikido teaches you how to achieve victory in unfair situations. You learn how to keep a strong mental and physical posture in the face of life's many challenges.  You develop a strong mental/emotional centre that gives you an extra advantage to overcome chaos in life.
  • Improved Relationships: As a practice that promotes harmony, Aikido teaches excellent techniques of reconciliation. Develop advanced emotional management, empathy and conflict transformation skills, leading to better relationships at home, work and play.
  • Member Perks: FREE access to:

1 - Local Wellness and Self Protection Seminars

2 - Personal  Coaching

3 - Reiki Treatments for Stress and Pain Management

Our Chief Instructor, Larry Camejo, has been studying Japanese Martial and Healing Arts for over 25 years.

He is a direct student of Fumiaki Shishida, 8th Dan Director and Shihan (Master Teacher) of the Japan Aikido Association. Mr. Shishida is a direct student of Kenji Tomiki, the Founder of Tomiki Aikido, and is one of two senior masters selected to continue Professor Tomiki's legacy.

Larry has also been mentored by Dr. Hiroaki Izumi, 6th Dan Founder of the Jin Yuu Gi Aikido Federation, which follows the traditional methods of Aikido's Founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

Larry has pioneered the development of Tomiki Aikido in Trinidad and Tobago, Canada and Panama, and has developed many Black Belt students. His credentials include:

  • 4th Degree Black Belt Instructor - Tomiki Aikido (Japan Aikido Association)
  • 4th Degree Black Belt Instructor - Jin Yuu Gi Aikido Federation
  • President and Shihan-Dai - Tomiki Aikido Canada
  • 1st Place - Mixed Team Event, Tomiki Aikido of the Americas International Competition
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor - Akayama Ryu Jujutsu
  • Creator - WEPN Personal Protection system
  • Hero Award for Crime Prevention - Canada
  • Certified Reiki Master

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