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We believe that human life is sacred. Because of this, we embrace our personal duty to protect and support life. Resilience, empathy and the ability to protect our loved ones are necessary life skills that develop through Warrior Training.  It is the foundation of holistic wellness and helps us thrive in uncertain times. 

We teach Akayama Ryu Jujutsu, Tomiki Aikido and Reality-based Self Protection (WEPN). Our Jujutsu is not a sport. We study combat-oriented skills that are based in the Warrior traditions of ancient Japanese Samurai. These same skills are used by international Law Enforcement to manage real-world violence. We give you a complete toolkit for managing violence and conflict, emphasizing holistic fitness in mind, body and spirit. 

- Holistic Fitness: Develop the power of your Mind, Body and Spirit while enjoying a fun workout that keeps you strong, fit and flexible.

- Self-protection: Learn how to strike, grapple and use everyday objects to protect yourself and others. Improve your peace of mind, self confidence and personal safety.

- Integrated Power: Build coordinated strength and agility that uses your entire being, not just physical power, which is very limited. Learn to align your mental and physical abilities, giving you the power, coordination and agility needed to overcome larger, stronger or armed opponents.

- Increased Flexibility: Jujutsu can be translated as "Techniques of Flexible Adaptation". Increase your mental and physical flexibility through challenging drills exercises. Improve your agility and resilience to injury.

- Self-confidence: Build your Warrior mindset and increase your confidence in your ability to adapt and overcome anything. Feel more confident in body and mind, and boost your self-esteem.

- Better relationships: Join our positive social environment, connect with like-minded people and build friendships that support your progress. Develop advanced conflict resolution skills and emotional discipline, leading to better relationships at home, work and play.

- Member Perks: All members get FREE access to:

1 - Local Wellness and Self Protection Seminars

2 - Wellness and High Performance Coaching

3 - Reiki Treatments

We have over 25 years of experience in warrior arts and conflict science, teaching everyone from At-Risk Youth and Abused Women to Law Enforcement and Special Forces.

Our Chief Instructor, Larry Camejo, has been mentored by world leaders in Combat Arts and Law Enforcement for almost 30 years. His credentials include:

  • Black Belt Instructor - Akayama Ryu Jujutsu
  • Black Belt Instructor - Tomiki Aikido (Japan Aikido Association)
  • Black Belt Instructor - Jin Yuu Gi Aikido
  • President and Shihan-Dai - Tomiki Aikido Canada
  • 1st Place, Mixed Team Event - Tomiki Aikido of the Americas International Competition
  • Creator of the WEPN Self Protection system
  • Hero Award for Crime Prevention - Canada
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor - Canada and Trinidad / Tobago
  • Certified Mediator and Conflict Coach - Canada


Larry grew up next to gangs and drugs in a low-income neighborhood in Trinidad and Tobago. He later became an expert in Information Technology and immigrated to Canada where he became a Community Leader in Crime Prevention, working closely with at-risk Youth, Women and Seniors. In 2012 he won the Hazel McCallion Hero Award for Crime Prevention in the Toronto Area. He is now a  successful Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Mentor. Larry attributes his personal and professional success to the life-long study of Warrior arts.

At the Human-X Academy we are constantly improving to match the highest training standards. We are part of a growing network of elite instructors across the globe, including U.S. and Canadian Federal Law Enforcement Trainers and Shihans (Master Teachers) of many Asian Warrior arts. This gives our students access to an elite knowledge base that is  unmatched in the Americas.

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