Negative Space – Personal Security Guide


Awareness, Capacity, Mindset and Knowledge. Combined, they can hep you spot danger before it happens, giving you precious seconds to take action.

As incidents of violence continue to rise in both frequency and brutality, taking steps to increase your level of personal security can be the difference between becoming a victim and repelling an attack.

Negative Space: A Guide To Personal Security, establishes a solid foundation of knowledge with which to navigate the increasingly violent world we live in.

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About the Author

Boris Milinkovich, CD, CBCP, has spent over 24 years in federal public service. He has served with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) as a Customs Officer and with Transport Canada (TC) in the Security & Emergency Preparedness Division as an Inspector, operating in Maritime & Aviation Security, Emergency Preparedness and Training & Liaison; also as the Regional Manager for Security for Health Canada (HC) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), including during the C-19 pandemic.

Boris has at the same time served as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces (Reserve) in a Light Infantry Battalion, with the Intelligence Branch and finished his career with the Military Police.

Currently, Boris is the President and Director of Training at True North Tradecraft Ltd., a boutique security consulting firm providing specialized training in non-destructive covert methods of entry, counter-custody, personal & travel security tradecraft and urban disaster preparedness & business continuity for responsible and security-conscious & prepared citizens, companies (such as Google), Real Estate firms, as well as Military & Law Enforcement units. 

In addition, he has studied esoteric personal and physical security, survival and tradecraft from various expert mentors, teachers and schools from Canada, the US, UK and Mexico for over a decade while authoring books, numerous articles and appearing on TV news to discuss personal security matters.

Boris makes his home in Toronto, Canada and is a former Business Mentee of Larry Camejo.

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