Why Live in David, Panama?

“…But why David, Panama?” is a question my husband and I get all the time!  

If you go by what is being said by some online, David has gotten a bad rap on Facebook and YouTube. So why did we choose to re-start our lives here at all?

Here are a few reasons we grew to love David, Panama, and why it may be the place for you:


David has a wide range of housing options and price points. One thing that was appealing to us was housing affordability, compared to where we were from (A major city in North America). When deciding what would be best for our future, we wanted to live in a mixed community with both Expats and Panamanians. We also wanted a home of our own where we could grow our family for years to come – David and its many suburbs had a lot to offer, and we found what we were looking for, at the right price!


We started off in Boquete, like many Expats. As we started to make a life, we needed more things: Internet cabling, size 9 shoes, things like that… when we asked our Boquete friends, they all said, put it on a list, and pick it up next time you go to David. 

David, as the 2nd largest city in Panama, offers many choices for essentials from electronics to clothing to building supplies.


My husband and I love to travel. Any sort of travel will do – and David is the hub to get around! With the Enrique Malek International Airport just a few minutes away, we can fly off to Panama City and be there within 2 hours – from there we usually get our fill of excitement and city life for a weekend, and come home before the week begins! 

David is also the hub for the bus station – this is how most Panamanians travel, and it is convenient for us to visit neighboring cities such as Boquete and Volcan. We are also about 1 hour from the beautiful Chiriqui Gulf where Boca Chica and her beaches are the main attraction.

There are plenty more reasons why we chose David, Panama as our home base, but these are the main points that fit our lifestyle. 

David’s many neighborhoods offer a wide range of home styles and price points, so I encourage you to explore the suburbs and neighborhoods outside of the main city center – you might just find what you’re looking for!